Tuesday, May 19, 2015

First steps

My baby has decided to walk today. He has been able to for roughly three weeks but his confidence has taken a while to build. But today, his wobbly and wondrous steps have reminded me of the other three kids starting to walk and the dedication that must be applied to achieve them. Balance, strength, coordination, ambition, determination and stamina. Good on him. I could well take a lesson from him and apply those skills to my life. To my writing too.
It is a stage they pass through so quickly. I feel so lucky to have witnessed it four times, and also with my little brothers. A little human learning to tread this earth on two limbs, a major evolutionary trait that has seen our species soar above the rest. A testament to our ability.
I won't miss the soaked knees in his trousers and the dirty hands. Crawling is a wonderful speedy way to get around for an infant, but I can even see it in his eyes this new-found freedom from walking. I have saved the 12 month sized trousers for when he can walk in the hope the knees might last a little longer. We are ready for the next chapter. Bring it on, little toddler boy. What a maestro!

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